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We ensure consistency, accuracy and unmatched quality by processing custom cuts in house. Our expert staff completes edge profiling with the latest technology. No client desire is out of reach. From simple hole drilling, over and mount sink cutting, laminating and one of a kind shaping we guarantee to bring your design visions to life.


With cleanliness and safety in mind, each job site is inspected, prepared and protected to provide a flawless experience. Any alterations that arise are discussed with our expert management staff as well as with you to ensure total satisfaction. Working around your needs, we always do our best to ensure that your daily routine remains undisturbed. Rest assured that your space will always be left clean and orderly.


We have the ability to service any stone or solid surface you may be interested in. We can handle any issue at hand, be it chip repair, seam separation and/or cracking. We will also service surfaces from other fabrication companies. 


We maintain all stone products: Granite, Marble, Onyx, and Solid Surfaces. Please ask about our Maintenance Plans, we have solutions for your daily, monthly, and/or annual needs.